About us

Wheelie Bin Direct 

As the name suggests we are specialist supplier of wheeled waste containers and our customers include Local Councils, Health Authorities, Waste and Recycling contractors and numerous other types of business's.

The private individual is an important part of our customer base and with our commitment to 'Trade prices to the Public' coupled with reliable deliveries to homes and business's throughout England, Wales and Scotland we are fast becoming a market leader.

Bespoke Bins to your requirements

We can specialize in creating bespoke wheelie bins to the users requirements, these bins are made to order and can be in numerous quantitities and many many different permutations.

Wheelie bins are our passion, we love to incorporate a comfortable experience and deliver products in the most proffessional and ethical manner. Wheelie bins in the waste industry are a massive factor to keeping our enviroment clean and friendly, keeping out rodents, cats, and little criters that can peirce into bags. 

Waste containers are big in the waste industry they are supplied to restaurants, cafes, bars, any type of public catering will be using a metal/plastic waste container of a large size ranging from 660-1100 litre bins. 


Other than supplying and adding additional components, we can revitalise and juvinate your exisiting metal waste containers. We have a varied refurbishment process infrastructure, where we will clean out all your rubbish, wash, shot blast, reweld, undent and restore your bin to prestine condition with a new solid lid and superb industrial castors. We will reinfroce the bin for longetivity giving you many more years onto your bin. For more information please see the Refurbishments section which can be viewed from Waste Container Refrubishment

Clinical Waste Containers

I know what your thinking, but yes we supply clinical waste containers to all sorts of medical practices, institutues, hospitals, nursing homes, care homes etc. For further information visit our clinical website Clinical Waste Collections

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