Advantages of powder coating


Powder coating has a major advantage over liquid coating giving a superior metal finish by applying the coating via an electrostatic process that achieves consistent powder coverage on the most intricate products. This is then merged to the surface (cured).

The advantages of powder coating over liquid finishes include:

  • Superb quality finish without paint runs.
  • Cost-efficiency, small batches or single items.
  • Clear coating, plain colours, metallic or textured powder coating.
  • Defence against outside ultra-violet fading.
  • Decomposition resistant.
  • Extraordinary gloss and colour preservation.
  • Vigorous mechanical and substance performance - fine at resisting grazes, chemicals, solvents, etc.
  • Decent electrical insulation capability.
  • Powder coating can be coated on many different metals such as ;  steel, zinc, brass and aluminium.