These are just some of our customers,who have brought bins and sold bins to us. This is what they have to say.







...WBD is one of the most influential and broad ranged minded company we have come across,this being as we brought bins from them and they even brought our old battered bins. Thumbs up to WBD thank you for your service we will consider to use you again.








...Efficient , reliable and quick are the words i would use to describe this organisation. Basic principle we required some bins and they delivered, look forward to dealing with you in the future many thanks.









... Over at BMW we take pride in our cars and our environment that our customers and the general public are in. We was looking for a new supplier of two wheeled bins when recommended by a close friend of mine i was advised to give Wheelie bin direct a shot- so we did. To our surprise they not only delivered promptly they took our old rubbish, pardon the pun, bins away leaving us with a environmentally free and safe atmosphere. Definite use for the future.






... the council wanted a metal bin so we searched on Google and found wheelie bin direct who- once contacted wheelie bin directs were delighted to adhere to our needs and the staff represent the company quite charmingly and deliver what they preach;






...WBD has asked us kindly to give a brief testimonial regarding there level of service. Well we were told by our client at Jaguar to use this company who promise to give there level best. Absolutely astonished by the managing directors sense of humor and sincerity. A number of metal and plastic bins were brought, they are now our regular suppliers/ maintainers.