Metal Folding Services

(Steel_Bending_Services: Single Folds @ 25p per fold)

Wheelie Bin Direct have invested in a Brake Press Machine which allows us to bend all sorts of metal of various sizes shapes and types. We can bend any type of metal for you at just 25p a fold which is dead cheap. As we have this machine in house there are no costs for you to incur all you pay for is the bends in your metal. For example. You have a sheet of metal and you would like to create a box out of it we can bend that metal numerous times to create you a box. We can even weld parts together for you in our metal fabrication plant.  For more information regarding your metal bending please pick up the phone and ask to speak to our Managing Director who will be happy to direct you on the right path.


Metal Bend @ 25p per fold to a £1

Product variations
Single Folds @ 25p per fold
Steel_Bending_Services: Single Folds @ 25p per fold
Multiple Folds @ 25p per fold
Steel_Bending_Services: Multiple Folds @ 25p per fold
Towing Brackets
Steel_Bending_Services: Towing Brackets
Small Fabrications
Steel_Bending_Services: Small Fabrications
Batch production
Steel_Bending_Services: Batch production
Other Metals
Steel_Bending_Services: Other Metals
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