Wheelie Bins 

We are a specialist supplier of wheelie bins across the UK. Supplying bins to Local Councils, Health Authorities and Recycling contractors.We offer the Lowest Prices & the Best Quality with Inclusive delivery on most wheelie bins with a Vast Range of Recycling Bins and Spares & Accessories for your existing bins. 

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Wheelie bins are now becoming the safest and effiecient way to store and remove your rubbish. The design of a wheelie bin is to ensure that whatever rubbish goes in does not come out unless tipped over which is unlikley. A common traditional bin is a round black bin with a circular lid which comes off or can be forgotten to be put back on, whereas a wheelie bin has the lid attached to the body of the wheelie bin ensuring the lid is not going anywhere.

A wheelie bin is mans second best friend after the canine species. Having said that the common social dog can get excited with rubbish and garbage bins therfore tipping them over and creating a whole load of unfortunate mess. With a wheelie bin you can forget all about the mess which is one load off your mind with our wheelie bins they are designed to be robust, sturdy, reliable and effecient, they will not erode with weather condititions as they are made from a special type of plastic which can only be moulded, With big tough elevated wheels you can ensure that your wheelie bin will overcome rough terain and uneven surfaces.